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What is "Angles'N'Gridz"?

Angles and Gridz is an app designed to support postural therapists in both diagnosing issues and tracking treatment progress over time. The lite version of the app comes with the following features:

  • Three-way Login System: This app has three different login methods for ease of use while protecting confidential information. Logging in is supported via TouchID on TouchID capable devices, an auto-login system for those without TouchID capable devices as well as a traditional login system.
  • Take or Upload Pictures: The app allows you to take images in real time for use within the app but you can also upload images to your device and load them into it as well. This is very useful if you use a higher quality camera that is available in your device or the images are coming from other individuals.
  • Three Data Modes: The app allows you to capture three different types of data: Slope, Angle, and Distance. There is also an optional average of three feature for enhanced accuracy of collected data.
  • Fully Customizable Plumb Line: With the use of the fully customizable plumb line, get the exact data points you want without excess lines to clutter the screen. Simply tap an end of a line, select a movement mode, and move the line into the position you want. Want to reduce the number of lines? No problem, we have you covered.
  • Image Scaling: Need to get a closer view on a particular area or want to position the image more exactly? Use the image scaling feature instead of having to take multiple images!

iPhone support coming soon!

For instructions or examples of how you can use the app please click on the "Angles'N'Gridz User Guide" button above.

Where can I get "Angles'N'Gridz"?

To buy the Angles'N'Gridz app please click on the following badge to take you to the Apple Store page for our app. Please note that at this time only IPads are supported and must have iOS version 10.3 or higher.