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The Still Waters Aquatic Feeding Program™ - Private Pay

How we approach therapy...

As a mother of a child with Autism, I can understand the frustration of "picky eating" and other sensory related
problems (eg: brushing teeth, tolerating touch, etc). The Still Waters Aquatic Feeding Program understands
these "problems" exist, but also attempts to assess and treat "why" they exist.

We work on improving the "systems" associated with feeding and dysphagia. This means we work on improving "vestibular balance",
establishing functional communication strategies, digestion/motility, respiration, posture, and "relaxation" strategies.

What will be offered:

  1. Advanced therapeutic strategies at home or in an outpatient aquatic setting
  2. SLP/SLPA Team
  3. Continuted long-term therapy (if needed and applicable)
  4. Other services that we offer to improve feeding outcomes:
    1. Improving oral cavity health
    2. Measurable outcomes and consultation with parents and caregivers
    3. Multi-modal approaches (if needed and applicable)
      1. Neuromuscular elastic therapeutic taping strategies with Kinesio Tape®
      2. Manual therapy (IASTM: myofascial release, tuning fork therapy, LED low level light therapy)
      3. Neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES)
    4. Interdisciplinary consults with your doctor, PT, OT, Nutritionist
    5. Home exercise program for neuro-reeducation and food chaining strategies
    6. Pediatric and Adult feeding/dysphagia programming services


  1. 50 minute session: $100
  2. Consultation: Free
  3. Evaluation: $150
  4. Optional: Once a month social playdate:
    1. Cost: $50/Session
    2. Length: 60-90 minutes
    3. Group aquatic structured activity (~30-45 minutes) followed by a social feeding/social parent group activity aimed at enhancing social skills and providing an opportunity for parents to social network.
  5. Accepted payment methods:
    1. Cash
    2. Check
    3. HSA/ESA
    4. Credit/Debit Card
    5. Unfortunately these services are not reimbursed by insurance or DDD and therefore we cannot accept these methods of payment

Contact information: Judee Mascias-Harris, M.S., CCC-SLP/BSLP/CKTI
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